Ojo Andino / Imago Mundi – Book & Exhibition

Partipación en el proyecto Ojo Andino, libro y exposición colaborativa de 170 piezas de arte chileno, parte de la colección Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection. El libro está disponible a la venta, y la exposición tiene lugar el 28 de Agosto 2015 en la Fondazione Giorgio Cini, en el marco de la Bienal de Venecia, Italia.

Link directo del proyecto: http://www.imagomundiart.com/collections/ojo-andino-chile/
Link libro a la venta: http://fabricashop.myshopify.com/products/ojo-andino-chile-170-sights-of-contemporary-art-imago-mundi

170 sights of Contemporary Art
Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection

Texts by Luciano Benetton, Humberto Maturana & Ximena Dávila, Simoné & Stefania Malacchini

A new South American chapter for Imago Mundi that pays tribute to the art of Chile: 170 works by painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, new-media artists, engravers, watercolourists, testifying to the extraordinary originality of the cultural scene of the country and the profoundness of its soul. The works vary in inspiration and theme – faces, landscapes, Eros, visions, abstractions, provocations, myths – but are united by an intense expressive participation. An overview from the peaks of a continent that reflects the beauty of the “dulce patria” celebrated by Pablo Neruda: “The earth, my earth, my mud, the bloody light of a volcanic dawn, the claudicant peace of the day and the night of earthquakes.”

Ojo Andino. Chile is an Imago Mundi collection, a cultural, democratic, global, non-profit project, promoted by Luciano Benetton with the aim of creating the widest possible mapping of the different contemporary artistic experiences of our world. In Imago Mundi, each country is represented by the works of established artists and new talents, commissioned with the maximum freedom of expression, whose only constraint is the 10x12cm format.

www.imagomundiart.com is the web platform of the entire project